Day 118: Saturday, May 14, 2011


Congrats Class of 2011!

Thanks for four great years Longwood.

Green Class Rocks!

All the best, Laura Beth 🙂

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Day 117: Friday, May 13, 2011

FRIDAY! Thank goodness it’s finally here!


Keeping a close eye on the weather!

Continuing my work education. I’ve finally found a good rhythm and I’m making awesome progress!

Student Union to see if my Taylor Swift package came in!

Finishing packing and loading the non-essentials into my car.

President’s garden party, hopefully outside!

Then finally Mom and Dad and Al come to Farmville!

Dinner at Charley’s tonight!

GRADUATION tomorrow? WOW!!!

All the best, Laura Beth 🙂

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Day 116: Thursday, May 12, 2011

Had a great night! No Strings Attached is officially one of my favorite movies!

Been tidying up the room and bathroom, having food and continuing to pack boxes.

Then running errands around town. Hitting up Walmart, the local library, Sheetz.

Phone date later ♥♥♥

Lyndsey Pickeral comes to town later! So excited 🙂

Then it gets better because tomorrow my parents and Al come to town!!!

Happy Thursday everyone!

All the best, Laura Beth 🙂

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Day 115: Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Had a great day yesterday, except the craziness at MSL. Too many people, too long waiting for just two beers, and the two beers were too expensive! Ugh!

Good day shopping though! Got four pairs of Old Navy flip-flops for $10 and a cute sun dress for $21 for the President’s garden party.

Today: Finishing getting ready with food.

Hitting the streets of downtown Farmville with Abby! We’re gonna hit up Red Front’s, The Great Spalon so my eyebrows can get cleaned up, Roses, Goodwill, and Belk. Ready to score some bargains on books!

Also probably stopping by the Sunchase pool to chill and tan for a little bit 🙂

Phone date with Al later ♥♥♥

Dyeing my hair again!

Then possibly chilling with Sam and Jen Cox until seeing “No Strings Attached” on the lawn tonight! So excited to see it for the first time plus enjoy free snacks!

Lyndsey comes tomorrow and my parents & Al (!!!!!) come on Friday! YAY!

All the best, Laura Beth 🙂

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Day 114: Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ready for an awesome Tuesday!

About to get in the car to go to Richmond with Abby for my fingerprinting appointment for work, lunch, and shopping! Hopefully meeting up with Jessica Stanley at some point!

Then coming back to campus later, probably stopping by Belk and Goodwill too.

Phone date with Al ♥♥♥


Senior Week Bowling tonight at Main Street Lanes, gonna be awesome!

All the best, Laura Beth 🙂

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Day 113: Monday, May 9, 2011

Had a great time yesterday at the baseball game, even though Richmond totally lost 7-2! Shout outs to Sydney Goheen & Nancy McDonald!

Busy Monday ahead!

Going to be learning everything I want to know and more about mortgages to (hopefully) complete my work education course today. I’m going to have to pace myself. Completing just one module one day last week took a lot of energy out of me!

Then helping with a special Honors workshop 2-2:30. According to the email from Dr. Fink, I’m known as a “seasoned Honors student” who is going to be talking with professors wanting to teach Honors courses. The students will be giving recommendations on classes!

Phone date later ♥♥♥ I love being able to talk to Al every day!

Senior Week Picnic and Music from 4-8 pm!

Richmond tomorrow with Abby and hopefully meeting up with Jessica!

All the best, Laura Beth 🙂

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Day 112: Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day to the best moms in the world: Karen Stricker, Debbie Vardaro, Kathy Williamson, and others who have been a mom to me! I love you all!

Getting ready for the Richmond Flying Squirrels baseball game with Abby and the senior class! So excited to get Senior Week started! Go Class of 2011!

Phone dates later ♥♥♥

Then more shenanigans with Abby commence, like epic rounds of Phase 10!

All the best, Laura Beth 🙂

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