Day 68: Thursday, March 24, 2011

Up early, especially since my first two classes were cancelled. Didn’t get nearly enough sleep (stupid Facebook and your conniving ways!) But I’ve decided to turn these cancellations into productivity.

Been getting wonderful texts from Al ♥♥♥ so that always helps 🙂

Eating cereal. Shower to wake me up. Then it’s off to the library by 9:30 for working on Advanced Broadcast. If it doesn’t happen today, it won’t for the next 5 days. Ridiculously busy.

Goals for today: Going through all the Todd Miller tournament video, capturing, and beginning to edit for me and the group. Hoping to have all of this accomplished by 12:15. Also taking a camera and tripod to my car so Maria, Justin, and I can meet up after my two p.m. class to go film our stand-ups for the package.

On the bright side: Our webcast for next week is mostly completely planned out, we just have to film a few more things, put me in the anchor chair and put it all together before next Thursday’s class. Also my podcast for the first week of April is much less rushed and last-minute. I’ve emailed the professors and hammered out effective interview times.

Lunch. I’m not skipping out like I did on Tuesday. I was starved by the time I got to eat my amazing shrimp dumplings at 3:30 p.m.!

Getting midterms back in class at 2 (eek) and turning in the third assignment. Gotta start working on that research paper at some point, less than a month until it’s due. And April’s gonna be a nutty month, I already know it and it doesn’t start for a whole week!

Dinner with Amanda Inman finally!!! So excited to catch up about spring break and our lives.

Rotunda editors & general meetings. Hoping a lot of new faces come to the general meeting! We need everyone with multiple interests!

And the night ends with my amazing seesters! Some ritual practice, but more fun more than anything.

Hooray for Friday tomorrow!!! Gonna be a great weekend!

All the best, Laura Beth 🙂


About strickerlb

I'm Laura Beth: college graduate, eager hard worker, writer, voracious reader, girlfriend to the wonderful Al, sorority sister, die-hard Gleek, volunteer, blood donor, and more. Thanks for reading!
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